Ever wonder what your dog does while you’re at work? Eight hours apart from your pet is a long time. Your dog can get lonely, and you can even start to feel guilty.

But on Take Your Dog to Work Day on June 22nd, you don’t have to say your goodbyes to your beloved pet in the morning. There’s no better way to get through the workday than to have your best bud by your side.

What if your pup could always be by your side and you could bring your pet to work every day? Here are some of the benefits of having pets in the office, tips to make sure you both enjoy the day, and companies that make every day bring-your-pet-to-work day.


A study by the International Journal of Workplace Health Management found that employees that brought their dogs to work had lower stress levels compared to employees that did not bring a pet to work. Rather, employees that did not bring a pet to work showed increasing levels of stress throughout the workday. I mean who wouldn’t feel at ease the second a loving pup came up to you?

>Studies have also shown that allowing pets in the workplace can increase employee productivity and reduce the rate of employee turnover. A Banfield Pet Hospital survey found that 67 percent of employees and 81 percent of human resources managers who worked in pet-friendly workplaces felt that it led to increased productivity.

Short breaks throughout the day help employees stay productive and focused. That after lunch lull where you could take a nap standing is an obstacle we face every day. The solution? Pets in the workplace. They serve as an adorable reminder to take a short break every so often and keep your energy levels up to make it through that 4:30 meeting.

Pets also make a great icebreaker in the workplace. People are more likely to talk and interact with others if they have a dog with them—it’s something for employees to bond over. Often times, employees stick to the department they work in and rarely interact with others unless necessary. You’ll never know how awesome Karen in accounting is or how adventurous Andy from HR is until you talk to them, and a friendly pup can help initiate those friendships.


You should know your dog’s comfort levels before you them into work. If you have an anxious or aggressive dog, bringing them to work may not be the best idea. You want your dog to enjoy the day as much as you and your coworkers. A baby gate can also be useful if some coworkers aren’t comfortable with your pup roaming the office.

To help keep your dog comfortable, bring a dog bed or blanket for them to lay on. This gives them theirown space, so they feel safe andhave a nice place to nap. Also bring toys because, as we know, some dogs get restless, and a fun toy is just what they need.

And don’t forget to have lots of fresh water and treats for your pup. Plan on taking your pup for some bathroom breaks as well and bring doggie litter bags to clean up the mess.


Take Your Dog to Work Day only comes once a year, but for some companies this just isn’t enough. Here are four companies other than DOGIPOT® that make Take Your Dog to Work Day every day.


This online mogul has been dog friendly since its beginning when a Welsh Corgi named Rufus started coming to work with his owners. Now as many as 6,000 dogs go to work with their owners at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters daily. Amazon even highlights the dogs that go to work on their 404 error pages.


Google loves dogs so much, they decided to include them in their code of conduct: “Google’s affection for our canine friends is an integral facet of our corporate culture.” Multiple offices including its headquarters and Googleplex allow employees to bring their dogs to work.


HubSpot develops software products for inbound marketing and sales. They conducted their own research and found that employee satisfaction went up 278 percent whenever workers were within a 10-foot radius of any animal. Embracing these findings, HubSpot now allows and encourages employees to bring their pet, any pet, to work with them. Their P.E.T program, Productive Employee Things, is just one of the many employee perks that HubSpot offers to employees.


Everyone’s favorite live event ticketing and distribution company has more to love than good prices. Ticketmaster lets you bring your dog to work any day and even offers pet insurance. This company cares not only about your wellbeing but also about your favorite four-legged friend’s wellbeing.

f you’re looking for doggie accessories for your workplace or even doggie poop bags for your furry friend, call DOGIPOT® at (800) 364-7681 or browse our entire line of dog park pet products.